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We are committed to offering you the best products on the Market and to ensure that you receive the correct advice, allowing you to make the perfect choice of Plantation Shutters, Blinds or Soft Furnishing to compliment your home.

Advise, Supply & Install

When we come out to visit you at your home, we take an honest, objective look at your requirements and only recommend products that we believe will enhance your home and meet your needs and wants

Affordable Prices

Although our Blinds and Shutters are of a high standard we do try to keep the costs to a minimum by working from home and taking our samples out to our customers houses. This eliminates the need for expensive premises and overheads.

We Go The Extra Mile

This term can often be over used but here at Lymm Shutters and Blinds we swear by it. As a local Business serving the local community we ensure that everyone of our customers is entirely satisfied to the point that they often go on to recommend us to their friends and this is invaluable to a small company like ours.

28 Years Experience

Neil is now in his 29th year in the Blind Business and has been installing Plantation Shutters for the last 10. That said, he still likes to attend Workshops to keep abreast of all things new in the trade

Why choose us?

Meet the owner...

Neil Priest

Design, Sales and Installation

Neil has spent the last 25 years working all over the UK fitting Curtains, Blinds and Plantation Shutters in Schools, Hospitals, Care homes, Offices and the domestic market. As a consequence, he has worked with, and for, a wide variety of personalities which has certainly helped him build his own customer relationship skills.

Remember the days when you could walk into a jobcentre and ask for a job? Well that is how Neil got into the Blind trade as a 21 year old, starting at the bottom, learning all about the manufacturing process before moving onto site surveys and overseeing the installation of as many as 350 items on a single job.

Neil remembers standing on the 14th floor of the C.I.S Building in Manchester, looking out over the streets of Manchester and seeing all the windows, each with something at it, thinking ‘YES, this should keep me busy for a few years!!’ 26 years later, he has been proved right.

Neil has a true passion for what he does and his Knowledge and enthusiasm will shine through whenever he is discussing your project. Honesty is also key to what we do, if you want Plantation Shutters but they won’t suit your home, then we shall say so.

As Lymm residents for over 8 years, we love to work with, and in the local community and take great pride in offering our services and products to our customers. Our greatest pleasure is doing such a good job that our Client cannot wait to pass on our details to their Friends, Family, Colleagues and Neighbours, and this happens often now, proving to us that we must be doing something right, giving us the confidence to pursue other avenues and grow the business.

Lymm Shutters and Blinds

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