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We work with a number of manufacturers to insure you have the best selection of styles and designs. Arrange a introduction today and find out what we can do for you.


Here at Lymm Shutters and Blinds we installed our first set about 8 years ago in a large residence in Bowdon. Even back then, I remember thinking what a great product they were with so many endearing features.

Plantation Shutters are both stylish and versatile and are available in a variety of Colours and slat widths. Our range at Lymm Shutters and Blinds offer 5 different styles and you can choose from over 100 different colours and stained finishes. You can, If you wish, have your Plantation Shutters painted to our range of custom colours. They can also be made to almost any awkward shape including Arches, Triangles and Circular windows.

For wet areas we also offer a range of Waterproof Plantation Shutters meaning that you don’t have the worry of potential warping of the Wood slats.

Plantation Shutters offer many benefits including Light control by letting it either flood in or block it out completely. They can also help control heat retention allowing you to maintain a more constant temperature in your home. They can also help to block noise from the outside, creating a quiet sanctuary for your living Room.

Our Plantation Shutters are hand crafted from an array of different Wood types allowing us to offer a more affordable option to those of us on a budget. They are also virtually maintenance free are ideal for those with dust allergies.

The Lymm Shutters and Blinds range of Plantation Shutters offers a basic range of 5 different styles, Full Height, Tier-on-Tier, Café Style, Tracked and a Solid option. We would obviously discuss your options with you to guide you in the right direction for your individual needs and requirements.

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